Legal and forensic psychology Faculty Project

New tools for managing social risks in childhood: establishing an international platform for student and expert staff.

Implemented with the financial support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) in the framework of the Russian competition of youth projects among educational institutions of higher education in 2018.

The project in the format of the international student and expert exchange platform, formed on the basis of the scientific student society of the legal and forensic psychology faculty of the MSUPE, presents various forms of exchanging experience in the implementation of programs and policies for minors and young people in Russia, Germany and Finland who find themselves in a crisis situation, in conflict with the law and other situations of social risk.

The challenges of actual time that are relevant for all countries in the field of social risks of childhood (aggressive, criminal, deviant, addictive, antisocial behavior, new types of deviations associated with the development of information technologies) pose to society and professional communities the task of finding new approaches and technologies to work with these problems.

Short-term internships of Russian students and specialists in Germany and Finland, seminars and workshops of foreign experts, scientific events, conferences, integrated cultural and educational projects, the development of an interdisciplinary research program, the establishment of real and virtual platforms for sharing experience, are designed to ensure the transmission of effective social and psychological and pedagogical technologies to professional and student communities of the three countries.

The project was developed under the leadership of the head of the legal and forensic psychology department Dr. Rimma Chirkina participation of the Public Union for the Integration of Youth – Der Verein-Akzeptanz-Vertrauen-Perspektive e.V. from Düsseldorf ( and the youth team Prison Outside  from Helsinki (

The Faculty of Legal and Forensic Psychology was established at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education in 2004. Apart from traditional branches of psychology in its interrelation with law – criminal, forensic, penitentiary psychology – special attention is paid to the psychological problems of children, adolescents and their families in the legal context, as well as to the issues of forensic clinical psychology. These features, along with the strong practical orientation, make up the unique character of the Faculty.

Chairs: • Chair of Legal Psychology.• Chair of Clinical and Forensic Psychology. • Chair of Mediation in Social Sphere.

The following educational programs are realized at the Faculty: Bachelor’s program (Psychology), Specialist’s program (Specialty – Psychological and pedagogical prevention of deviant behavior, Pathopsychological diagnostic and psychotherapy), Master’s programs (Juvenile Legal and Forensic Psychology,  Forensic Psychology: Forensic Expert Practice, Mediation in Social Sphere), Post-graduate course - specialty “Legal and Forensic Psychology”.


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